Building Inspection/Code Enforcement

The Department of Building Inspection regulates the construction, demolition, and occupancy of all buildings and structures within the City of Corbin.  We review, approve, and issue all permits required by code for the repair, alteration, or addition to all public and private buildings and structures, as well as permits for new construction.
The Building Inspection Department is responsible for administering the residential zoning ordinances and enforcing the City’s construction standards, code for new buildings and remodeling of existing buildings. The department issues all building permits for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. All plumbing, electrical, heating, air conditioning and ventilating permits must be obtained from the individual department.

In addition, code enforcement governing property maintenance, sign compliance, and commercial zoning maintenance is performed by the Building Inspection Department.Building Inspection is responsible for the following:

The primary purpose of the Division of Building Inspection is to ensure safe minimum levels of construction through enforcement of the uniform Kentucky Building Code. This is closely followed by the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance, which provides for the safe orderly growth of our community.

Our mission is to attain compliance with City codes regarding land use regulations and the maintenance of structures and premises through education, cooperation, enforcement and abatement to achieve a cleaner, healthier and safer Corbin.

The Department of Code Enforcement deals with properties and property owners on a day-to-day basis to ensure that minimum maintenance and repair standards for all existing structures throughout the community are met. It ensures that residential and commercial structures are maintained to the minimum standards set forth in the International Property Maintenance Code.

Code Enforcement provides information and insures compliance with other laws regarding private property, such as:

Building Inspector / Code Enforcement Officer

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