Corbin Public Works

The Department of Public Works is the City’s third largest department and is comprised of a staff of employees who are responsible for the construction, renovation, removing snow and ice from streets, and operation of City facilities and infrastructure. The Department builds the City’s streets, and constructs storm drains as well, rights-of-way, and service facilities. Our responsibilities include year-round road maintenance and repair, weekly household trash collection service, design and construction management of streets.


To support and enhance the quality of life for residents by delivering responsive and efficient services to all neighborhoods and maintaining reliable and cost-effective public works facilities and systems in a manner that emphasizes customer satisfaction, public service, and good stewardship of natural, fiscal, and staff resources.

Click here for open-top dumpster rental form.

Residential A: ($20.00) per month- collection once a week curb side.

Residential B: Where the head of a house hold is sixty-five (65) years of age or older and the total income of the couple is ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00) or less per year, the charge shall be eight dollars ($8.00) per month. Where the head of the household is single and is sixty-five (65) years of age or more and the total income is eight thousand dollars ($8,000.00) or less per years, the charge shall be eight dollars ($8.00) per month.

In order to qualify for the reduced rate, the customer shall be required to make an application therefore, and furnish such evidence as the City Utilities company may require.

A fee of $64.00 per load and $33.00 per ½ load shall be charged for additional garbage, trash or waste hauled.

Chipping Rates- The first ten (10) minutes are free. Each minute after will be charged at a rate of $3.25 per minute.

All garbage customers that do not utilize dumpsters, must have garbage cans, not exceeding 35 gallon capacity made of metal or plastic and garbage can liners much be placed in the can with the lid attached! The garbage cans are to be placed at the rear of the building, with an exception for the day pickup is scheduled, the container should be moved and placed at curb side by 7:00am.

All items that are made of or contain upholstery material or similar material such as mattresses, box springs, furniture and other similar or related items shall be completely and fully wrapped and covered with plastic or other water proof material prior to placing at curbside by 7:00 am on your garbage pickup day. Failure to abide in proper disposal will result in the cost of all equipment to remove and dispose of the waste.

Bulky waste that is placed at the wrong location (at the curb when there is alley collection) or waste that is not contained will result in the waste not being collected.

For bulky waste that exceeds that size of an easy chair call 606-523-6530.

The City of Corbin will pick up appliances such as washers, dryers, hot water heaters, refrigerators. If you live in the city limits you can bring the appliance to the city garage at no fee and drop it off, excluding the units containing Freon, there will be a fee for those appliances.

We are unable to pick up tires, batteries, and paint. If you have old paint cans and fill it with kitty litter and / or oil dry till absorbed, it can be disposed of.

If you have any questions concerning any of the above mentioned information, please contact Jeff Nantz, Director of Public Works at 606-523-6530.